Female models

Celebrating variety and inclusion

The female modelling industry has come a long way in recent years. At Mirrored, we are proud to embrace the diversity and inclusion that comes with this current reality, which has led to a broader representation of bodies, genders and personalities in the world of modelling. 

Based on empowerment, self-love and the fight for acceptance of different bodies, we celebrate the power of female talent and models to inspire others and challenge traditional standards of beauty.

Body positivity and the celebration of diversity

In the current era, the body positivity movement has gained momentum and has had a huge impact on our view of female models. There has been a significant shift in the perception of beauty and there is now a celebration of the diversity of the body in all its forms and unique details. From athletic and curvy to plus sizes, all body types come to feel valued and appreciated.

But the diversity of female models goes beyond body shape. It also includes other distinctive aspects that make each person unique. Gender identity, creative hairstyles, artistic tattoos and skin conditions such as vitiligo are just a few examples of the wide range of characteristics that enrich our diverse beauty.

At Mirrored, we believe in the importance of representing and celebrating diversity in all its forms, from different body types to individual features and details. We are proud to provide a space where every female model can showcase her authenticity and unique beauty.

This inclusive approach allows us to recognise and embrace beauty in all its diversity, moving away from rigid standards and allowing each person to feel represented and accepted. By celebrating all of these characteristics, we build a world where everyone can express their authenticity and be valued for it.

If you are interested in joining our agency as a female model and representing diversity in this industry, we invite you to apply.

Empowerment and Self Acceptance

Instead of settling for pre-established beauty ideals, today's models have become advocates for self-love and empowerment. They have found their voice to inspire others and encourage us to love and accept our bodies as they are. 

In addition, it is now common to see all kinds of talent and models who defy traditional gender categories. Gender fluidity has found its place in advertising, television, fashion and social media, allowing people to identify according to their own individual experiences. This openness to a diversity of genders and personalities reflects a more inclusive society and shows us that beauty is not limited to a single, predefined mould.

The evolution of female models reflects a fundamental shift in the modelling industry and our society as a whole. At Mirrored, we believe in diversity and inclusion as drivers of positive and lasting change. We celebrate all the brave and authentic people who are challenging traditional beauty standards, promoting self-love and empowering others. If you would like to be part of this movement and have the opportunity to represent diversity in the world of imagery, please apply to our agency using our JOIN US form! Together we can continue to create a world where all forms of beauty are valued and celebrated.